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"...the hand is no different from what it creates." -A.A. Attanasio

1 December 1979
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Best described as a humanoid sub-species that crash landed to earth ass-backwards
at the end of the ‘70s. My mission thus far has been to consume as much knowledge
(and nachos)as humanoidly possible.

People would say that I’m full of contradictions, but I think it all blends pretty
well together. I’m exactly who I need to be at this particular moment, although I
am in dire need of a few improvements.

I really like to read, in fact, it’s in my blood, as I come from a long line of teachers.
Expect to see a few book reviews – as I post them here. Sometimes I write, and when
I do – I post it to my other journal: phrenodormio It's regretfully
horrible at times, really.

Although prone to sullen and often morose moments, I’m in the constant pursuit of
happiness – I often find it – and it’s usually in the simplest things.

So stick around, listen carefully, have a cup of tea, and you just might enjoy yourself.
In the meantime....I’m still just trying to figure things out.